Meitre is the definitive restaurant reservation platform.
We created a set of algorithms to automatically manage availability, and handle all booking requests. These algorithms power an online application that takes into account all possible setups of each area of a restaurant (i.e., all table combinations), and analyses demand for each slot each day to allocate customers.

It can also give priority seating to identified valuable guests and friends of the house, and it automatically handles waiting lists. Meitre is conceived to maximize the number of covers and increase the average check. It simplifies restaurant management, and it delivers results. Meitre is also amazing for guests who benefit from a beautiful, hassle-free, easy to use, and friendly booking app. No more the old-fashioned dial-answer-let-me-place-you-on-hold effort.

Meitre lets you focus on better serving clients who are actually coming.
No-shows are the one indefensible diner behaviour, a the problem that has plagued restaurants since time immemorial. We have been dragged into a perplexing problem caused by lack of commitment and aggravated overbooking, an improper makeshift from restaurants contrary to basic hospitality codes. Hence the reciprocal frustration. But this matter transcends P’s and Q’s. Restaurants lose money and waste time chasing clients with re-confirmations and unmanageable waiting lists.

With our platform restaurants can require a credit card guarantee for booking large tables or making a reservation in the most sought-after time-slots of the week. This method is proven to virtually reduce no-shows to zero and increase the number of total covers; thus recovering lost revenue. All transparently implemented for restaurants and gracefully presented to users.

Meitre requires zero upfront investment and there are no surprises.
We created a hardware-agnostic, white-label platform to manage reservations with a special toolkit that helps restaurants turn valuable guests into regulars, provide a better service, and get rid of commision-based companies. This is the ultimate upgrade in hospitality services, avoiding middlemen, improving the bottom line, and keeping complete control of reservations and customer relations. With Meitre there are no surprises.

Restaurants pay a fixed monthly fee for the service; and the whole platform can be implemented in just 3 days with no setup fees and a three-month commitment-free trial period.